Once upon a time, there was a guy that lived a normal, average life and had normal, average hobbies. Then one day, everything changed, for better or for worse. Sound familiar? Well, even though this is the start of nearly every fiction book in existence, it’s also describing my life. This is Ace, and I’m guessing that you know about my family, ‘cause you're reading this blog post. If you had no idea who we were before, welcome! You are reading my FIRST EVER BLOG POST! Okay, so you may be wondering who I am even after I told you my name. This is Ace of 50 by 52, and my parents decided to take our whole family on a year long road trip…50 states in 52 weeks. That's why I am writing this post- to explain how to survive a road trip in five easy steps (just in case your parents decide to do the same thing.)



STEP ONE: Control Your Thoughts.


When I first left on the trip, my only thoughts were:

*How weird it was to be in an RV. 

*How much I was going to miss my friends.

*When I could get a new comic book.

*Why my siblings had to be so loud all the time.

*And “this trip is really going to affect my binge watching…”

 Okay, so those are some pretty common things for a teenage boy like me to think. Teenage girls… well, I'm not sure what you think about. I can’t figure out girls minds much.  Heck, I can barely figure out math homework! But, no matter how crazed you are feeling, you can always FIND A BRIGHT SPOT TO THE SITUATION. For example, my brother, like most brothers, makes it his main goal to drive me crazy. But, whenever he teases, I just think it through and when I don’t react to his teasing, it drives him crazy. Ace: 1. Roy: 0.



STEP TWO: Embrace the Change.


While on ANY road trip, what I recommend is just to embrace the change. Okay, so things are gonna be different, and you might miss the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., (my favorite show,) but just think about what good is going to come from the trip! Sure, you could be home playing Halo or watching The Bachelorette, (which I DEFINITELY DO NOT WATCH,) but this trip is making it possible for you to be in tight spaces and still be able to hear your siblings scream! Okay, not the best example…. Whenever I am camping, I like to think of the sunset and the stars. If I hadn’t come on this trip, I wouldn’t have been able to see fire flies for the first time. If I hadn’t come camping, I wouldn’t be able to watch the stars. This helps me relax in the best way possible.



STEP THREE: Have an Escape Plan.


One of the few things that have kept me sane during this trip (besides Netflix and chocolate,) is comic books. Even if you aren't a fan of comics, it always helps just to bring something to distract you from when you are mad or wanting to scream. Getting mad or hurting someone isn’t going to help you, so you might as well just bring something to keep your mind on while you are mad. As soon as you have simmered down enough to talk again without being rude or sassy, you can put away your distraction and go back to talking with your family or whatever you were doing before.



STEP FOUR: Contribute.


Often times when you are on a trip somewhere, your family and you will go places that aren’t always going to be interesting to you. That can be pretty annoying. But, what teens like me often don’t realize is that we have the chance to be able to plan where we go with our family. If you just ask whoever is planning the trip if you can help, they will most likely be delighted, and you can ask to do a bit more of what you want as well. Helping plan what to do is going to be worth it. You can have fun planning, bond with them along the way, and have a say in where you go!



STEP FIVE: Pick out the Best Parts.


 When life gives you trail mix, just eat the M&M’s. I mean, come on people! Nobody likes the other stuff! It's like the weird nasty candy left at the bottom of the trick or treat bag. Ok, ok, so some of my family like those other parts, and that is what works in life.  Not everybody is going to like the same things. So, just concentrate on what you do like. 




Okay, so I’m guessing you think step five should be all about how you should embrace the present, or how life is too short, but I think I've done enough psychology stuff today, so for step five, I'm just gonna play it simple. Netflix. We all need to just check out from time to time, and once in a while you can be camping and miraculously still have wifi. It's always good to be prepared. Just saying. 


And that, my friends, concludes my first blog post for 50 by 52. Now get out there on that road trip, and have some fun.